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  • General

    in this course

    This course complements the "Month of Moodle" taster course, run by the Bloomsbury Learning Environment. The aim of this course is to provide participants with an overview of Moodle.

    This course contains a mixture of explanatory and hands-on activities to support the understanding of the following:

    • Navigation and Course Structure
    • Creating a personal profile
    • Using forums
    • Uploading files

    his course has been developed for use by members of the BLE Colleges

    • Getting ready to use Moodle

      Your experience of Moodle depends on your web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc). Moodle uses a number of underlying software technologies that you may not have installed. So before you start, it is worth checking that you have a compatible browser and the software you might need.

      Follow the "Setting up your computer" link. You should also be aware of the "Guide to good online communication".

    • Exploring a course interface

      This section takes you through the various controls and things you will find on most courses. 

    • Your profile

      In Moodle, like Facebook and other social network sites, you have a profile. Some of this is visible to everybody (for example, your picture and what you write about yourself), other bits are only accessible to you and your tutors, such as Grades (if you are a student).

      Use this section to learn more about your profile and how to update it.

      Since your profile is used so much, we recommend the first thing you do is upload a photo of yourself!

    • Downloading & uploading files

      You will only need this section if you want further information and practice on downloading and/or uploading files, or just feel you need a reminder.

    • Using forums

      Use this section if you've not used a forum before or just want a refresher.


      Explore the Administrative and Technical Support forum below (to navigate back from the forum just use the breadcrumb trail or the navigation menu). You can if you want  raise an administrative query by starting a new discussion topic or even answering one.

      If you are uncertain about what each part of the forum is have a look at the "annotated screen shot of a forum" file below.

    • Essential Skills

      This section addresses the essential skills you should have when using Moodle.

    • Some useful tools!

      This section covers some tools you might useful for working with Moodle.

    • Moodle Mini-Guides

      A set of guides desiged to help you when it is just you and Moodle