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Useful links and resources

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A-Z of Assessment Methods - University of Reading

The University of Reading have produced this useful document: 

An A-Z of Assessment Methods 

Assessment tools - Adobe Captivate

Adobe Captivate

Popular authoring platform - can create stand-alone or SCORM tutorials and quizzes. Option to publish as both swf and HTML5, and uses Flash if available (currently better quality/performance than HTML5). It has some scripting capabilities but is not as powerful as Flash. Expensive, and not part of Adobe Creative Cloud.

Comparison Storyline v Captivate

Useful Captivate blog by liribiri

Assessment tools - Articulate Storyline

Articulate Storyline

Popular authoring tool - competitor to Adobe Captivate.

Comparison Storyline v Captivate

Assessment tools - iSpring

iSpring Suite

Very easy to use software which creates mobile-friendly quizzes (it is also a great tool for creating HTML5 versions of PowerPoint presentations). Not free, but much cheaper than Captivate and Articulate, and much easier for academics to use.

RVC Vet Show  example

Assessment tools - Quizlet


Enables students to easily create online flashcards or to use existing study sets. Good mobile app.

Assessment tools - QuizWorks


Cheap online quiz creator - the RVC used this for a WikiVet quiz as it has an automatic storyboard and fun gamification.

Basic quiz statistics and option to store user details.

RVC WikiVet example

Assessment tools - Vet Revise

Vet Revise

Mobile-friendly website which enables students to use existing Flashcard sets or create new ones. Created by a current RVC student, Matt Dobson.

It cleverly asks student how confident they are in their answer to work out when that question should be asked again.


Case study - e-exams


Examples - Khan Academy

Khan Academy

This website uses online assessment and gamification to great effect - worth exploring

Examples - Student Video Presentations

How Student Video Presentations Can Build Community in an Online Course

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Case study - students presented their solutions to online Calculus homework questions by filming themselves and then posting the videos to YouTube.

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