Demonstration of online exam platforms

A growing number of online platforms are emerging, which can be used to manage exams online. The BLE contacted three suppliers to provide remote demonstrations and the sessions were each recorded.

1. DigiExam (27th April 2016)

"DigiExam started in October 2011 with the purpose of making digital examinations available for everyone. We want to remove the tedious parts of handwritten exams for the students and bring examinations into the 21st century, allowing the students to express themselves with tools they are used to and work with daily. We also want teachers to stop spending tons of time grading handwritten and unreadable exams and instead spending that time on more important things, such as meeting and inspiring students, in other words bringing teachers back to the classroom.

The first step is to remove pen and paper from the process, then a new world of opportunities opens up when a school fully enters the digital era."

Link to the recording:
Password: digiexam

2. ProctorExam (9th May 2016)

"ProctorExam offers a web-based platform for Safe Online Exams. We identify the exam taker behind the computer and create a highly secure exam environment in order to deliver high-stakes exams. Anywhere, any time!" The service includes a human invigilator working remotely from the student.

3. Electronic Bluebook (19th June 2016)

"Electronic Bluebook is one of the leading electronic exam providers in the country. It has processed millions of exams in its 10+ year history.
Electronic Bluebook offers a variety of features and options to meet your computer-based testing needs, and we will be happy customize a version of EBB to your school’s specifications. Your version of EBB can contain any or all of the features described below, and we will even develop new features to meet your needs. We also offer a version of EBB for visually-impaired students that can be configured to operate in conjunction with most screen-reading software. Please contact us if you are interested in this accommodation for any of your students."

Link to the recording: 

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