Project Closure Event, 16th November 2016

To mark the end of the whole Assessment & Feedback project, we ran a closure event, which acted as a celebration and thank you for all the tremendous amount of work that went in to it.

At the event, we presented the overall research findings regarding the way assessment is supported using technology in Bloomsbury. Invited speakers shared their respective contributions to the project, which had culminated in documentation available on the project website. Three Bloomsbury academics, who are also authors of case studies written for the project, described the various ways that they enhance student assessment by using innovative approaches. 

You can watch a recording of the event here:


Welcome - Sarah Sherman, BLE
The Electronic Management of Assessment (EMA) in Bloomsbury - Sarah Sherman & Leo Havemann, Birkbeck
Assessment and Distance Learning - Nancy Weitz & Kathy Seddon, Architela
Case Study 1: Zhaoxia Pang, Senior Lecturer in Chinese, SOAS
Case Study 2: Steve Hirons, Senior Lecturer in Earth Sciences, Birkbeck
Case Study 3: Simon Rofe, Senior Lecturer in Global Diplomacy, SOAS
What next? - Sarah Sherman

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