• Digital Literacy

    Much has been discussed, researched and written about "Digital Literacies" in the University sector. But what does Digital Literacy mean and what effect does the acquisition of these skills have on teaching, learning and research – from the point of view staff and students alike? What is the state of play within the Bloomsbury Colleges regarding this topic, in consideration of the wide range of disciplines and the variety of institutional support services involved? 

    19 February 2014, an event on Digital Literary for Teaching, Learning and Research, was organised by the BLE Service, in collaboration with the RVC, to highlight the benefits of supporting digital literacy by presenting examples of best practice. In particular the aims of th event were to gain an understanding of the importance of digital literacy, and to explore how best to support staff and students engage with and improve their digital literacy.

    Recordings, presentations and resources from this event are available on this site.